We’re pretty passionate about our wood. Our hand crafted line of natural wood products has been diligently selected and perfected with purpose since 1976.

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Craft Products

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Why Woodworks?

While we offer an abundance of affordable products carefully collected over many years of loyal service, we are a community. A community of innovators, achievers and enthusiastic individuals such as yourself joined together by our passion to create, craft and build.

A body of inspiring artisans, ambitious architects, woodcrafting professionals and beginners alike. Our line of product includes something for everyone.

From beads to blocks, little people that rock,
toy wheels or hearts, and all kinds of little craft parts,
wooden dowel rods or turnings like knobs,
balls, pegs, spindles and those finial thingy-ma-bobs,
honey dippers and scoops, or wooden eggs and fruits,
we carry it all, even a wooden ball.