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The birthday celebration board! What a classic we simply couldnt resist!
With Mothers Day around the corner and all this extra time at home, we decided to create this classic beauty with a simple Mothers Day twist.

Grab one of our foam brushes (item# F11000) and paint your heart out. Personalize and embellish to match your home or the home of someone special you may be gifting this to. We’re pretty keen on the simple white wash look with those beautiful wood tones lightly coming through, so we applied a thin, carefree layer of white. We purchased this 6
Whether your hand painting, drawing or applying decals for your text, start by placing everything down to find the correct spot. Align the first and last month, then fill in the remaining months to keep everything centered. Once applied, attach one screw eye (item# SC2160) under each month, aligning it right in the middle of the months text. Flip the board over and attach a sawtooth hanger (item# PFSH18) in the top left and top right corner.
Paint, stain, mod podge or leave them natural, it's time to embellish those tags however your heart desires! Typically, circles are used to represent Birthdays & hearts are used for Anniversaries, but go for what you want! Once your tags are prepped, add the name and date of the celebrations. Circles are item# BBT150 & hearts are item# BBH150. We went with wood species names for our tutorial!
Once your tags are prepped, add a s-hook (item# SH0750) to each tag and hang all of your special dates under each month in chronological order. Your last tag of each month will not need a hook in the bottom hole.

This beautiful board displays the special dates of those we love the most.

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