Toy Wheels

Unleash Your Creativity with's Hardwood Toy Wheels

Discover a world of possibilities with's diverse collection of wood toy wheels! Crafted from high-quality maple and birch, our wheels offer a perfect blend of durability and versatility. Choose from a range of sizes, styles, and thicknesses to suit your every project. Whether you're building classic cars, rugged trucks, whimsical trains, or imaginative free-form creations, our wheels are the ideal foundation.

From classic to contemporary, we have the perfect wheel for you!  Select from our range of styles, including classic, mini for those tiny toys, treaded for traction, and flat for unique designs. Our toy wheels are the perfect starting point for toymakers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Let your imagination run wild as you create captivating sensory toys, educational manipulatives, or one-of-a-kind home decor accents.

Shop today and let your creativity soar!  With a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect hardwood wheels to bring your vision to life. Our high-quality materials and smooth finish make them ideal for painting, staining, or embellishing with your favorite designs.