1-1/4" Wood Cube

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Length: 1-1/4"

Width: 1-1/4"

Height: 1-1/4"

Build Monumental Creations with Craftparts.com's 1-1/4" Hardwood Birch Cubes 

Unleash creativity and build monumental projects with Craftparts.com's 1-1/4" unfinished hardwood birch cubes! These substantial wooden blocks boast a smooth, unfinished surface, ideal for igniting imaginations and crafting endeavors that demand a truly grand scale. The impressive 1-1/4" size allows for creations that make a statement while remaining manageable for small hands, making them a captivating tool for crafters of all ages.

Fuel a love for learning and ignite innovation at Craftparts.com! These woodcraft cubes are ideal for STEM projects, encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills as children design and build elaborate structures, robots, or anything their imaginations can dream up. The larger size is also perfect for creating stunning, large-scale mosaics that add a touch of artistic flair to any space. Craftparts.com's birch cubes are a must-have for Montessori classrooms, promoting exploration and open-ended play through block manipulation and construction activities on a grander scale. 

Expand your horizons and explore endless creative possibilities! These unfinished wooden blocks can be painted, stained, or even laser engraved, offering endless possibilities for personalization. Craftparts.com's 1-1/4" cubes can be transformed into alphabet blocks for early learners, puzzle blocks for complex brain teasers, or even unique game pieces that add a rustic touch to favorite board games. They can also be used to create perpetual block calendars, adding a touch of functionality and natural beauty to your home in an oversized, statement-making way. 

Shop Craftparts.com today and discover the countless possibilities with our 1-1/4" unfinished hardwood birch cubes! The responsibly sourced birch wood adds a touch of natural beauty to any project. Let Craftparts.com be your partner in sparking creativity, a love for learning, and endless hours of crafting fun!

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