1/4" x 36" Square Dowel

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Length: 36"

Width: 1/4"

Shape: Square

Craftparts.com: Craft Versatility with the 1/4" x 36" Hardwood Poplar Dowel Rod

Unleash your inner architect with Craftparts.com's 1/4" x 36" hardwood poplar dowel rod! This versatile workhorse offers exceptional workability and a smooth, unfinished surface, making it the perfect foundation for a wide range of crafting projects. The square shape adds a touch of modern design to your creations. 

Fuel creativity and build with confidence at Craftparts.com! The 1/4" size is perfect for miniature furniture building, ensuring your dollhouses and doll furniture are both beautiful and functional. Craftparts.com's poplar dowel rods are ideal for creating crisp, clean signs and banners, or utilize them for flagpoles that fly your message proudly. Feeling adventurous? Craftparts.com's dowel rods transform into lightweight tent poles for your next backyard adventure. 

Expand your crafting horizons and explore uncharted territory with Craftparts.com! Create supportive plant stakes for delicate flowers or seedlings. The lightweight poplar construction allows for the creation of stunning bird perches with a natural look. Feeling festive? Craftparts.com's dowel rods can be incorporated into unique ornament trees or festive cake tier stands, adding a touch of rustic charm to your holiday décor. 

Shop Craftparts.com today and discover the countless possibilities with our 1/4" x 36" hardwood poplar dowel rod! The responsibly sourced poplar wood adds a touch of natural beauty to your projects. Let Craftparts.com be your partner in crafting projects that are both beautiful and strong, built to withstand the test of time and ignite imaginations!

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