1" Classic Wheel, 1/4" Thick

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Diameter: 1"

Thickness: 1/4"

Hole Size: 3/16"


Craft Tiny Adventures with Craftparts.com's 1" Wooden Mini Toy Wheels

Spark your imagination with Craftparts.com's versatile 1" hardwood wheels! Perfect for a world of creative projects, these mini wheels are the ideal foundation for your next masterpiece. Crafted from high-quality hardwood, these wheels are smooth, durable, and ready for endless customization. Whether you're a seasoned toymaker or just starting out, these wheels are the perfect starting point for your creations.

Bring your toy designs to life! Build sturdy cars, trucks, and trains that roll with ease. Create captivating sensory toys and educational manipulatives for curious minds. Let your imagination soar as you design unique push and pull toys that spark joy and wonder.

Beyond the toy box, the possibilities are endless! Hobbyists and crafters will find countless applications for these versatile wheels. Let your creativity soar as you use these wheels as the foundation for distinctive furniture accents, captivating wall art, or extraordinary jewelry creations. Their smooth surface offers a blank canvas, perfect for painting, staining, or embellishing with your unique designs.

Shop Craftparts.com today and let your creativity soar! With their smooth finish and versatile size, our wood wheels are the perfect building block for your next project.

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